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Gnarly Fox Vineyards
Clean Crafted Wines


Small town, big dreams! Analytical and creative. After 17 years in the Finance industry (stock broker), I returned to farming. In essence, back to my "roots". I pursue life with passion and drive. Everything and anything is possible.

"Life Should not be muted"

Specializing in custom farmed Old Vine Zinfandel, head trained, dry farmed, hand manicured! High quality Zinfandel - "It's like a party in your mouth" -- Irresistible!





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“Pursue life with passion and drive. Anything is possible - Life should not be muted” 

- Baubie Fox -


The Grapes

Locally Grown & Clean Crafted​

My Mission

"I put a high priority on biodynamic farming and

clean crafted wine making practices."  - Baubie Fox

Gnarly Fox Vineyards is dedicated to creating only CLEAN CRAFTED wines.

We utilize sustainable farming practices, including a hybrid watering method which encompasses dry farming techniques and minimal drip line hydration only when absolutely needed to protect the integrity and health of the vines.  We DO NOT use Round-up in our vineyard. I am the only independent female farmer in the Lodi Appellation area. Twisted and gnarled vines are scattered across my small lot vineyard birth a panoramic scene that can only be taken in with the naked eye. Like a cunning fox, my intuitive nature and relationship with the land gives way to bringing you the best possible Old Vine Zinfandel. I invite you to experience an exciting journey of flavor from start to finish. My passion and charisma shine bright in this beautiful and complex Old Vine Zinfandel.

Harvested and pruned by hand, it is my dedication to hard work

that shows through this dynamic wine.


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